Reisetipps - Marktplatz 13, 70173 Stuttgart

22 Bäckereien bieten leckere und gesunde Produkte. Hier bekommt man frisches auch mit Sauerteig gebackenes Brot, bei Kaffee und Kuchen kann man sich hier in familiärer Atmosphäre mit Freunden unterhalten oder einfach gesund frühstücken. Bequem zu erreichen ist Bäckerei Konditorei Cafe Nast. Frische und preiswerte Gerichte in sattmachigen Portionen bieten 73 Fast-Food-Buden und Schnellrestaurants wie König Kebab und Asiatischer Imbiss Wok's. Nicht weit entfernt ist König Kebab. Ideal für Singles und Paaren, die nicht gern am Herd ihre Zeit verbringen.

Holl's Arche
Dorotheenstraße 4 - (Luftlinie 0.07 km)
Rosenstraße 38 - (Luftlinie 0.44 km)
Best Western Hotel Ketterer
Marienstraße 10 - (Luftlinie 0.45 km)
Kienestraße 27 - (Luftlinie 0.45 km)
Alte Mira
Büchsenstraße 22 - (Luftlinie 0.46 km)
Hospitalstraße 9 - (Luftlinie 0.47 km)
Ambassador Jetzt Merit
Tübinger Straße 17A - (Luftlinie 0.48 km)
Tübinger Straße 19A - (Luftlinie 0.5 km)
Aparthotel Am Wilhelmsplatz
Wilhelmsplatz 8-9 - (Luftlinie 0.5 km)
Rathauspassage 2 - (Luftlinie 0.1 km)
Marktstraße 1-3 - (Luftlinie 0.1 km)
Königstr. 46 - (Luftlinie 0.21 km)
Königstraße 27-29 - (Luftlinie 0.21 km)
New Yorker
Königstr. 19 A - (Luftlinie 0.22 km)
Königstr. 50-42 - (Luftlinie 0.26 km)
Königstr. 34 - (Luftlinie 0.29 km)
Eberhardstr. 28 - (Luftlinie 0.29 km)
Königstrasse 47 - (Luftlinie 0.3 km)
König Kebab
Schulstraße 3 - (Luftlinie 0.1 km)
Asiatischer Imbiss Wok's
Rathauspassage 7 - (Luftlinie 0.1 km)
Schulstraße 7 - (Luftlinie 0.11 km)
Schulstraße 2 - (Luftlinie 0.13 km)
Le Paon Bistro
Schulstr. 12A - (Luftlinie 0.17 km)
Pizzeria Da Cesare
Nadlerstraße 20 - (Luftlinie 0.18 km)
Ronny's Bistro
Geißstr. 1 - (Luftlinie 0.18 km)
Gül Kebap
Nadlerstrasse 18 - (Luftlinie 0.18 km)
Bistro Adulies
Holzstr. 17 - (Luftlinie 0.18 km)
Bäckerei Konditorei Cafe Nast
Sporerstr. 4 - (Luftlinie 0.07 km)
Café Nast
Rathauspassage 2 - (Luftlinie 0.1 km)
Bäckerei Konditorei Adolf Katz
Schulstr. 17 - (Luftlinie 0.15 km)
Bäckerhaus Veit, Fil. Im Kaufhof
Eberhardstr. 28 - (Luftlinie 0.28 km)
Bäckerei Konditorei Café Nast
Esslinger Straße 40 - (Luftlinie 0.31 km)
Bäckerei Konditorei Café Nast
Charlottenplatz 6 - (Luftlinie 0.45 km)
Bäckerhaus Veit
Tübinger Str. 19 - (Luftlinie 0.5 km)
Bäckerei Hafendörfer Ohg
Heusteigstraße 35 - (Luftlinie 0.61 km)
Bäckerei Frank
Wächterstr. 9 - (Luftlinie 0.71 km)
Cafe Walter Nast
Sporerstr. 4 - (Luftlinie 0.07 km)
Stuttgarter Ratskeller
Marktplatz 1 - (Luftlinie 0.07 km)
China-Restaurant Tao-Tao
Schulstr. 1 - (Luftlinie 0.08 km)
China-Restaurant Peking
Kirchstr. 8 - (Luftlinie 0.09 km)
Restaurant und Cafe Markthalle
Dorotheenstr. 4 - (Luftlinie 0.1 km)
Rathauspassage 2 - (Luftlinie 0.1 km)
Thai restaurant Tiffany Thaistyle
Schulstrasse 10A - (Luftlinie 0.11 km)
Adulis Restaurant-Cafe-Bar
Hirschstr. 14 - (Luftlinie 0.12 km)
Brasserie Flo
Karls-Passage - (Luftlinie 0.13 km)


Stuttgart, Kleiner Schlossplatz 1
Ecstasy is one of the oldest and one of the most astounding phenomena of European and non-European cultures. Originally forged in the context of religion and ritual, the transcendental experience of ecstasy was first conceptualized in antiquity. It has been an integral part of Western social theories ever since, even as its definition and social significance have been continually modified and expanded. In indigenous cultural spaces, ecstasy generally bears positive connotations and is experienced within the context of ritual acts, but it was and is often perceived as threatening in societies dominated by industrialization, capitalism, and globalization. Here ecstasy means loss of control, and it harbors the danger of an individual or an entire collective deviating from the norm. Exceptions are transcendental experiences within religious contexts or profane ecstasies, as may be observed during sporting events, concerts, or politically motivated activities.
In its cultural significance and complexity, ecstasy also entered the visual arts and engaged in extraordinary alliances with the related disciplines of music and dance.

Beginning in the fall of 2018, the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart will, for the first time, trace these and other connections as it dedicates itself to the phenomenon of ecstasy in a large thematic exhibition. Drawing from paradigmatic examples from antiquity to the present, the exhibition illuminates the various spiritual, political, psychological, social, sexual, and aesthetic implications of euphoric and intoxicated states between asceticism and excess.

In nine thematic rooms, the visitor will become familiar with the various faces of ecstasy and with the shifting social significance of mind-altering states as it changed over the centuries. In so doing, it will also consider how different cultural spheres handle the phenomenon of ecstasy. With art at its foundation, the exhibition will introduce the viewer to the various ways that artists have approached ecstatic states—from pictorial representations to video and installation works to kinesthetic experiences. The visitor may therefore not only comprehend but also experience the relevance and historical development of ecstasy. Music plays a central role here, as it unifies transcendental experience in all cultures. Rhythmic sounds, repetitive movements, and visual stimuli prepare the groundwork for reaching a state of »being beside oneself.«


Stuttgart, Kleiner Schlossplatz 1

STROTMANNS &Quot;Magie HAUTNAH IV&Quot; - Rätselhafte Spiele


Nils Ohrmann - Traumraum presents Golden Gate


Backstageführung Anastasia – Das Broadway Musical

Stuttgart, Plieninger Str. 109, Stuttgart, BW 70567

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