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31 Bäckereien bieten leckere und gesunde Produkte. Hier bekommt man frisches auch mit Sauerteig gebackenes Brot, bei Kaffee und Kuchen kann man sich hier in familiärer Atmosphäre mit Freunden unterhalten oder einfach gesund frühstücken. Bequem zu erreichen ist Backshop im Kaufhof. Frische und preiswerte Gerichte in sattmachigen Portionen bieten 102 Fast-Food-Buden und Schnellrestaurants wie Naim Altintas Gaststätte Cavusoglu und Altin Dilim. Nicht weit entfernt ist Naim Altintas Gaststätte Cavusoglu. Ideal für Singles und Paaren, die nicht gern am Herd ihre Zeit verbringen.

Goethestraße 26 - (Luftlinie 0.11 km)
Best Western Atrium Hotel
Landwehrstraße 61 - (Luftlinie 0.14 km)
Hotel Mirabell
Goethestraße 19 - (Luftlinie 0.15 km)
Landwehrstraße 37 - (Luftlinie 0.17 km)
Paul-Heyse-Straße 25 - (Luftlinie 0.19 km)
Uhland Garni
Uhlandstraße - (Luftlinie 0.2 km)
Comfort Hotel Andi
Landwehrstraße 31 - (Luftlinie 0.2 km)
Tryp Hotel München
Paul-Heyse-Straße 24 - (Luftlinie 0.21 km)
Schillerstraße 32 - (Luftlinie 0.21 km)
Schwanthaler Str. 35 - (Luftlinie 0.25 km)
Ernstings family
Schwanthaler str. 18 - (Luftlinie 0.36 km)
Bayerstrasse 21 - (Luftlinie 0.49 km)
Karlsplatz 21-24 - (Luftlinie 0.6 km)
Bahnhofplatz 7 - (Luftlinie 0.63 km)
Vero Moda
Karlsplatz / Stachus - (Luftlinie 0.72 km)
Elisenstraße 3 - (Luftlinie 0.73 km)
Elisenstraße 3 - (Luftlinie 0.73 km)
Theresienhöhe 5 - (Luftlinie 0.74 km)
Naim Altintas Gaststätte Cavusoglu
Landwehrstrasse 42 - (Luftlinie 0.14 km)
Altin Dilim
Goethestraße 17 - (Luftlinie 0.18 km)
Schillerstrasse 34 - (Luftlinie 0.2 km)
Paul-Heyse-Str. 23 - (Luftlinie 0.22 km)
Jazeer Sondos
Paul-Heyse-Str. 17 - (Luftlinie 0.24 km)
NY`s Imbiss
Schillerstrasse 28 - (Luftlinie 0.24 km)
Goethestrasse 14 - (Luftlinie 0.25 km)
Schillerstrasse 17 - (Luftlinie 0.3 km)
Schwanthalerstrasse 24 - (Luftlinie 0.32 km)
Backshop im Kaufhof
Karlsplatz 21 - (Luftlinie 0.59 km)
Max Rischart`s Backhaus / Hautbahnhof
Bahnhofsplatz 2 - (Luftlinie 0.63 km)
Lindwurmstraße 8 - (Luftlinie 0.65 km)
Max Rischart`s Backhaus
Karlspl. 1 - (Luftlinie 0.73 km)
Privat Bäckerei Wimmer Rewe-Hopfenpost
Arnulfstraße 32 - (Luftlinie 0.95 km)
Max Rischart`s Backhaus / Café zur Mauth
Neuhauserstraße 2 - (Luftlinie 1.03 km)
Alof & Carroux OHG
Hans-Sachs-Straße 12 - (Luftlinie 1.05 km)
Schubert Bio & Vollwert Bäckerei München im Vitalia Viktualienmarkt
Rostental 7 - (Luftlinie 1.09 km)
Privat Bäckerei Wimmer Ickstattstraße
Ickstattstraße 10 - (Luftlinie 1.24 km)
Cafés - GAP Cafe Bar Restaurant Norbert Abels
Goethestr. 34 - (Luftlinie 0.06 km)
Derby Weinpub
Goethestr. 28 - (Luftlinie 0.09 km)
Trattoria La Fiorentina
Goethestr. 41 - (Luftlinie 0.13 km)
Goethestr. 20 - (Luftlinie 0.16 km)
Das kleine Cafe
Pettenkoferstr. 32 - (Luftlinie 0.17 km)
Cafe Goethe Italienisches Bistro
Goethestr. 17 - (Luftlinie 0.18 km)
Goldener Anker
Schillerstr. 34 - (Luftlinie 0.2 km)
Paul-Heyse-Str. 23 - (Luftlinie 0.22 km)
Paul-Heyse-Str. 14 - (Luftlinie 0.29 km)
Jörg Immendorff (1945-2007) cultivated his image as an artist and tough guy, but he also had a soft and thoughtful side that can be discovered in the retrospective "For all the Beloved in the World" in addition to his political sense of mission.

In the mid-1960s, as a student at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in the class of Joseph Beuys, Immendorff first slipped into the role of the agitator. The actions of the Lidl Academy, which he developed with his first wife Chris Reinicke, represent love and peace and his desire to change the world, to rebel against the uninspired and uninspiring political policies in Germany. Intuition and creativity were to be liberated through action. ‘Lidl’ is an artificial word created in the tradition of Dada.

Later, Immendorff became sympathetic to the ideas of the KPD (German Communist Party). For several years he worked as a secondary school teacher and developed a visual language in which word and image stood side by side on equal footing. His “Accountability Report” is a series of paintings marked by clear pedagogical and political messages.

It was not until the late 1970s that Immendorff (1945-2007) decided to dedicate himself completely to art. In 1976, he participated in the Venice Biennale; in 1977, he created his Café Deutschland series, inspired by Renato Guttuso’s Café Greco, which Immendorff had seen in an exhibition in Cologne.

In the Café Deutschland images, Immendorff explores the politics of his time –- it was a period marked by the RAF and domestic conflicts on both sides of the Berlin Wall – and in which the reunifications of the two Germanys seemed beyond the realm of reality. In gloomy, theatrical settings, Immendorff portrayed himself as a border crosser between East and West. In addition to the clear political motivation, the pictures also show Immendorff's view of the world, in which ideas - embodied by historical figures - are in dialogue with each other through space and time.

In 1998 Immendorff learned that he has ALS. His world became progressively darker and his work was increasingly directed inward. He worked until his death –- in the end only with the help of assistants who, following his instructions, realized his ideas in the studio.

The retrospective will include nearly 200 works. It does not follow a strict chronology of the works but will instead outline in chapters decisive focal points in Immendorff’s development.

Curated by Ulrich Wilmes.
Jörg Immendorff: For all Beloved in the World

Jörg Immendorff: For all Beloved in the World

80538 Munich, Prinzregentenstraße 1


80333 Munich, 40 Barer Straße
In the Greek saga, the hero Odysseus survives dangerous adventures on his odyssey and completes mysterious tasks – returning home at the end perhaps as a different person. Like a contemporary Odysseus, in this exhibition, the artist Jonathan Meese (born 1970 in Tokyo and based in Berlin) sets off on an imaginary journey, making various stops along the way. In drawings, pictures and sculptures from over 20 years of artistic production, encounters with the most diverse, ambivalent protagonists and situations take place, which the artist approaches in his archaic role as symbolic redeemer and liberator. Visitors to the exhibition get to accompany the plucky, provocative artist on his voyage, but where will it end?


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